[ipxe-devel] eepro100 vs qemu

Alex Williamson alex.williamson at redhat.com
Mon Mar 14 18:22:53 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-03-12 at 12:57 +0000, Michael Brown wrote:
> On Saturday 12 Mar 2011 12:05:53 Michael Brown wrote:
> > On Friday 11 Mar 2011 18:27:28 Alex Williamson wrote:
> > > I'm looking to refresh qemu's PXE ROMs with iPXE, but it looks like the
> > > eepro100 ROM has been broken for qemu for quite some time.  I bisected
> > > the start of the problem back to this commit:
> > 
> > I can reproduce this locally.  The "ifstat" command (see
> > http://ipxe.org/cmd/ifstat) shows multiple RX errors of "Invalid argument
> > (http://ipxe.org/1c384002)".  Turning on DEBUG=eepro100 shows the message
> > 
> >   Corrupted packet received. Status = 0x0fffa080
> Should now be fixed:
>   http://git.ipxe.org/ipxe.git/commitdiff/c315ae0

Awesome, thanks!

Unfortunately I just found another regression in the pcnet32 driver.  It
works fine with bare qemu, but adding in --enable-kvm, it hangs right
after printing the first bit of the PMM header.  I bisected this one
back to f4faa27, which is of course another large driver rewrite.  If
you have any insights, please let me know.  Thanks,


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