[ipxe-devel] [PATCH] make iPXE run the string from the bootloader

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Mon Mar 7 22:51:42 UTC 2011

On Thursday 27 Jan 2011 20:14:09 Dave Hansen wrote:
> If you are booting ipxe.lkrn, this _effectively_ lets you do is pass in
> a tiny script via the boot command-line.  I use iPXE to compile kernels
> on one system and then boot them elsewhere.  The reboot cycles are
> *SLOW*, and I like to speed them up.  This should let me do something
> like the following in GRUB's menu.lst:
> 	title           iPXE
> 	kernel          /boot/ipxe.lkrn dhcp && kernel
>  root=UUID=ce4190bb-bdee-48e0-8e47-7e71d167c4ac ro profile=2 single
> Previously, I would either have a custom copy of ipxe for each system,
> or a custom script on a server, indexed by the system's MAC.  It's
> *MUCH* nicer to just keep all of the root= or serial console arguments
> all in one file (menu.lst).
> This could also be used to anything that the embedded scripts were, like
> setting static IPs.

I have finally got around to fixing this up and committing it:


I have tested it with pxelinux and isolinux.  Reports with other bootloaders 
would be very welcome.

Dave, thanks very much for doing the original implementation of this feature!


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