[ipxe-devel] trouble booting CentOS from Netapp iSCSI LUN

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 22:52:54 UTC 2011

On Thursday 03 Mar 2011 01:58:44 Michael Brown wrote:
> I will have to change that default, since I don't own the etherboot.org
> namespace, and I can't trust the owner not to cause problems in future. 
> This may cause pain for people who have already added the default IQN to
> ACLs. I'll try to minimise the pain by finally making the default IQN
> include the local MAC address, which will be helpful since some targets
> refuse to let multiple initiators connect simultaneously using the same
> (default) initiator IQN.

This is now done.  The new default IQN is

  iqn.2010-04.org.ipxe:<hostname> if you have a hostname assigned, or

  iqn.2010-04.org.ipxe:<uuid> if you do not have a hostname assigned.

I chose the UUID rather than the MAC address because it avoids the thorny 
issue of trying to decide on the appropriate NIC in a multi-NIC configuration.  
I've updated http://ipxe.org/2c0d603b with a brief note describing this 


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