[ipxe-devel] HTTPS support?

Mike Sollanych msollany at sfu.ca
Thu Jun 23 00:33:08 UTC 2011

Howdy folks, 

Our iPXE deployment is going really well - every machine at this university 
now boots to iPXE unless specifically overridden by local administrators, 
so I'd call that a pretty big success. 

What I'm wondering is whether there's any support in iPXE at present
(or planned) for HTTPS. 

I would like to use that in order to securely communicate with a web server
which would be dynamically generating iPXE scripts which the client machines
could then chainload, in order to provide services like the registration of
a machine's hostname in our DNS and Active Directory, for example. 

In order to make such services, authentication credentials would be needed,
and I don't want to pass that sort of thing over the wire in cleartext.

I've already had good luck with services that don't require authentication
being scripted in this manner - all that's needed is echo, read, and chain.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Mike Sollanych - msollany at sfu.ca
IT Services - Research Computing Group
Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada

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