[ipxe-devel] Sleep command shutting down interface

Michael Cirineo jeriryan87 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 21:13:02 UTC 2011

Hey guys,
Thanks for helping with my previous "DHCP not completing" problem.  Turns out to be a switch issue, switch takes a really long time (like 45 seconds) to bring up the interface on the server.  Because of this, I’ve created a script:

vcreate –tag 30 net0
ifopen net0-30
sleep 60
dhcp net0-30
chain pxelinux
The problem is, the interface always goes down right after the sleep command finishes and I have to start all over because I need at least 45 seconds with the interface up before doing DHCP. I know its automatically going down after the sleep because I'm watching the interface on my switch.  Manually typing these same commands at the commandline but just waiting 60 seconds instead of typing "sleep 60" works, the interface never goes down. So why does the sleep command bring down the interface when it finishes sleeping?


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