[ipxe-devel] TFTP prefix configuration and pxelinux

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Jun 1 22:20:32 UTC 2011

On 05/30/2011 06:05 AM, Robin Smidsrød wrote:
> On 2011-05-28 02:19, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>> On 05/24/2011 03:17 AM, Robin Smidsrød wrote:
>>> Be aware though, that it seems like there is no way to modify the prefix
>>> and config location at a later stage in the PXELinux process (to e.g.
>>> forward the user to another pxelinux server with a specific
>>> configuration from a PXELinux menu entry). But if you're using a
>>> monolithic PXELinux menu it shouldn't give you any problems.
>> Sure there is.  See the CONFIG statement in the Syslinux documentation.
>>  You need Syslinux 4.00+ to be able to change the working directory/file
>> prefix.
> I guess I'll have to see about how to modify my initial pxelinux menu to
> use 4.00+ and let the ones I forward/dispatch to potentially be older
> versions.
> Not sure how much funny business that will cause, though...

You can do that with pxechain.com; there is no other way to do that in
order to run different PXELINUX *versions*.


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