[ipxe-devel] Query on UEFI iPXE boot

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Mon Dec 12 14:14:10 UTC 2011

On Monday 12 Dec 2011 13:16:24 Sanjeev.Roy at emulex.com wrote:
> Is chain loading of iPXE supported for UEFi based systems? If yes, is the
> structure similar to the one mentioned below: I have added the below entry
> to my dhcpd.conf file in a rhel5564 machine.
> if exists user-class and option user-class = "iPXE" {
>       filename "bootx64.efi"; # bootx64.efi is located @ tftp root
> } else {
>       filename "808610de.efi"; #808610de.efi is located @ tftp root
> }

That looks as though it should work.

You can also use DHCP option 93 to determine whether a request comes from a 
BIOS or EFI client.


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