[ipxe-devel] ipxe -> pxelinux.0: "No more network devices"

Jeremy MAURO jmauro at antidot.net
Thu Dec 8 09:17:16 UTC 2011


I having exactly the same issue but without chainning menu.c32. But it 
doesn't seems to harmfull since my server still boots (FYI: the pxe 
client is a xen VMs)


On 12/07/11 11:34, José María Mor Fabregat wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using gpxe/iPXE for a long time and recently I tested the new
> updated versions to serve some menus using syslinux. I forgot some of
> iPXE characteristics, sure, because after loading  the pxechain.0 all
> things runs well but I can see a message like: "No more network
> devices"
> After various tests and reading iPXE forums I concluded that the
> problem could be the new syslinux com32 system modules because with
> older (<4) syslinux modules all runs ok, but I've curiosity about it
> and because shows the message.
> I boot iPXE with this menu:
>      #!ipxe
>     chain pxelinux.0
> that loads this menu:
>     DEFAULT main
>     PROMPT 0
>     TIMEOUT 1
>     LABEL main
>          kernel menu.c32
>          append main.mnu
> Once main.mnu loaded, this menu loads (in tests )a kernel and initrd
> and the result is that all loads well but after loading, shows the
> "No more network devices" and continue with normal booting:
>     ...
>     Loading vmlinuz-x ...
>     Loading initrd-x ....
>     No more network devices
> Thanks for your help and your work.
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