[ipxe-devel] UNDI Memory Error

John Julien john at julienfamily.com
Wed Aug 3 22:51:20 UTC 2011

Can anyone offer any help with this?


From: John Julien [mailto:john at julienfamily.com] 
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Subject: UNDI Memory Error



I've come across an issue using the UNDI driver of the Broadcom 5709C card.
I've been using the UDNI driver with no problems until recently I started
getting the message "Try to free Memory without Signature"  Utilizing
different hardware vendors and through many trial and error tests I believe
I've narrowed the issue down to something that was introduced in the
Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Boot Agent v6.0.11 .


Here is a copy of my console with some extra debug output from iPXE.   You
can ignore the "Getting ready to load into memory" message.  That's
something I added to the source to try and track down the exact line of code
the failure was occurring at which I found to be line 00097 of
arch/i386/drivers/net/undirom.c <http://dox.ipxe.org/undirom_8c.html>
<http://dox.ipxe.org/undirom_8c_source.html> [code]


00097         /* Call loader */

00098         undi_loader_entry = undirom->loader_entry;

00099         __asm__ __volatile__ ( REAL_CODE ( "pushw %%ds\n\t"

00100                                            "pushw %%ax\n\t"

00101                                            "lcall

00102                                            "addw $4, %%sp\n\t" )

00103                                : "=a" ( exit )

00104                                : "a" ( __from_data16 ( &undi_loader )

00105                                : "ebx", "ecx", "edx", "esi", "edi",
"ebp" );



Error Image: http://home.comcast.net/~john.julien/ipxe/ipxe_error.gif



Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this or how I might narrow
it down any further?





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