[ipxe-devel] ixpe cmdline not processing

Noé Rubinstein nrubinstein at proformatique.com
Wed Aug 3 13:53:38 UTC 2011

On Tue, Aug 02, 2011 at 05:02:41PM -0700, Andrew Stuart wrote:
> While I don't have any sound troubleshooting advise for you, I am
> curious if the following commit may have broke something (for you).
> My git-fu is non existent, but I am curious if you were to roll back
> previous to that commit, if it would change anything.
> commit be600ed9967d93f5012d5277d7ce8ce89d135918

Just for the record:
Rolling back the working tree to just before this commit is:
	git checkout be600ed9967d93f5012d5277d7ce8ce89d135918\^

An alternative would be reverting just this commit; this can be done
	git revert be600ed9967d93f5012d5277d7ce8ce89d135918
It will create a new commit that undoes the changes done by this commit.

Noé Rubinstein
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