[ipxe-devel] some DOS related questions.

Shao Miller Shao.Miller at yrdsb.edu.on.ca
Tue Aug 2 07:14:00 UTC 2011

On 8/2/2011 01:12, Duane Voth wrote:
> So pardon me for being dense but ipxe is an EFI program which requires
> EFI compliant firmware -- none of which supports interrupt vectors nor
> any of the legacy BIOS vectors. So how can freedos run at all?

As far as I know, iPXE is not an EFI program, but a [great!] project 
with a source code base.  Particular iPXE build targets might be EFI 
programs.  I think some recent discussion in this thread was in regards 
to non-EFI build targets.  It's possible that the discussion is not 
applicable for the ipxe.efi binary, for example.  I could be mistaken.  
- Shao

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