[ipxe-devel] Confirm Possible mishandling of http port when http auth is used.

Andrew Stuart andrew at shopcusa.com
Wed Apr 27 00:58:08 UTC 2011

Using ipxe dated Apr 19th 17:51 (according to filesystem.. I haven't 
figured out how to tell which git revision I am at yet)

I can successfully boot http://my.boot.server:8081/myfile.img,
when I try the authmenus example from etherboot's site the download 
fails, unfortunately I have been unable to capture the output, but as it 
flashes by, it appears :8081 has been stripped from the url.

I setup the same site on port 80 as a temporary trial, and confirmed it 
works as expected, initial handoff is 8081 for boot.php / vesamenu.c32, 
then after it authenticates everything else goes to port 80.

I reverted my setup to be identical to the setup used for authmenus to 
have a working example for anyone else. 

Also, if someone here has an account on the wiki above, they may wish to 
update the 'vesamenu.c32 current' section to note the suggested fix 
blocks you from loading .[g|i]pxe files since pxelinux.0 has no idea how 
to load them. I would assume one could work around this..

The example also uses "/vesamenu.c32" which adds a second / on the 
request.. I'll see about creating an account when I get a chance and 
update it if nothing else.


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