[ipxe-devel] [Etherboot-discuss] Need help with San boot - Windows XP boot stuck at Logo

Glenn Roberts gr3n at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 16 06:47:34 UTC 2011



I too am having the same problem as Mahboob.


I have successfully booted using vmware server virtual
machines for the windows xp client and ubuntu iscsi server.  I am now trying to
boot a live pc as the client and using the ubuntu server.


My steps were:

 install xp onto bare metal PC
 install network drivers 
 install latest sanboot (0.9.10)
 reboot via ubuntu live cd
 dd the partition to the ubuntu
     server via ssh
 reboot the live pc and attempt
     to boot from img


the system will sit at the windows xp splash screen for some
time before rebooting the pc
Please advise any info which will assist in determining the problem

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