[ipxe-devel] cannot boot memtest86+

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Sun Apr 10 00:06:20 UTC 2011

On Sunday 10 Apr 2011 01:00:02 Michael Stumpf wrote:
> I'm using undionly via TFTP to boot iPXE.  I've constructed a simple
> text-based menu to present various options, one of which is memtest.  All
>  of the options work fine and boot as expected, but memtest86+ does not:
> -----
> ok
> Could not execute memtest: Requested memory not available (
> http://ipxe.org/46038101)
> Could not chain image: Requested memory not available (
> http://ipxe.org/46038101)
> -----
> What's going on here?  Here's how it looks in my script:

As described at http://ipxe.org/46038101 this error indicates that memtest 
cannot be loaded because it is requesting an area of memory that is already in 
use.  You're using undionly, which uses more base memory than other iPXE modes 
of operation since the underlying PXE stack remains loaded.  It's possible 
that this is the source of the overlap: memtest wants to load in an area of 
memory that is still occupied by the underlying PXE stack.

You can test this by building with DEBUG=segment, e.g.

  make bin/undionly.kpxe DEBUG=segment

That will print a message showing which area of memory is causing the conflict.  
Try it and let us know what it says.


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