[ipxe-devel] ipxe configuration files, forum

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Mon Apr 4 17:50:28 UTC 2011

On Monday 04 Apr 2011 15:19:04 Dylan's PCs wrote:
> For direct links to a specific version of MyBB:
> http://wiki.mybb.com/index.php/Versions
> However the link you have above for "latest" refers at all times to the
> latest "Stable" release.
> We've just moved all development over to git (on github) so you can
> always download any exact revision from there.

That's great; I should be able to persuade github to generate a tarball from a 
specific tagged revision, which will give me the kind of permanent URL I need.

Is there an "official" MyBB git tree on github?

> Of course, you're using
> MyBB in a production environment, so you really just need the latest
> stable link above to always stay up to date with the latest stable.
> Out of curiosity, why are you packaging it as an RPM?

It reduces the entropy in the system configuration by an order of magnitude.  
Installing the RPM is a one-line command, and ensures that all the file 
permissions etc are correct.  Apache is automatically reconfigured and 
stopped/started as necessary.  Upgrading (and downgrading, in the event of a 
regression) becomes trivial, with no risk of accidentally leaving the wrong 
versions of some files lying around.  Files can be included in the system 
security audit, which looks for unauthorised modifications.  Dependencies are 
installed automatically, and protected against accidental removal.  I could go 

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