[ipxe-devel] Implicit SAN+PXE?

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Thu Nov 11 21:21:21 UTC 2010

On Thursday 11 Nov 2010 19:38:23 Jarrod Johnson wrote:
> I mentioned this before and wrote a patch against the 'old' block code to
> implicitly set up iBFT even if 'filename' were specified.  The rework makes
> the patch much more simpler since someone else has split up the whole
> hook/describe/boot flow nicely.
> So, why not san_hook and san_describe before calling
> boot_next_server_and_filename if root path parses in autoboot.c?

Sounds good to me.  I can imagine that making Windows direct-to-SAN 
installations much easier; you could hook the SAN target and then boot 
straight into WinPE over the network, without having to rely on exiting from 
iPXE and falling back to some other WinPE boot media.

Do you already have a patch for this against the current codebase?


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