[ipxe-devel] gPXE 1.0.1 Boot Server Discovery behaviour

carlyoung at keycomm.co.uk carlyoung at keycomm.co.uk
Thu Nov 11 17:24:29 UTC 2010


	Hi again. Apologies for top-posting.  

	I disabled the VMware E1000 gPXE BIOS and booted from ipxe.iso and
the boot sequence (from 1.0.1+ GIT obtained source) does go into
autoboot OK with appropriate boot server type specified in the DHCP
discover frame. 

	I want to verify this via a boot ROM. Can someone help me create an
iPXE 1.0.1 Intel E1000 ROM BIOS of 65536 bytes as ESX is choking on
it as it is 68,608 bytes as built on a Suse 11 machine. Could I
remove an object file, etc? 



	On Thu 11/11/10 9:35 AM , carlyoung at keycomm.co.uk sent:
  On Thu 11/11/10 1:19 AM , Michael Brown  sent:
 >On Wednesday 10 Nov 2010 17:19:11  wrote:
 >> I have a question about the standard behaviour of gPXE 1.0.1 and
iPXE. (The
 >> tests I did were using VMware E1000 based boot-rom)
 >Could you send (or publish and send a URL to) a copy of this trace?
 File attached (hopefully). is a Microsoft AD DC, DHCP, DNS server is a CA Unicenter MPC boot-server, listening on 67
and 4011
 00:0c:29:50:f9:8a is the VM with the 1.0.1 gPXE E1000 BIOS from the
rom-o-matic site. I had to use this version as gPXE and iPXE top
level code produces a rom file != 65536 bytes and VMware was choking
and I'm not expert enough to pare down the code.
 Thanks for help.
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