[ipxe-devel] iPXE with VirtualBox

Pete I. Eby ebypi at ornl.gov
Thu Nov 11 16:37:08 UTC 2010


Great to find this project and see that the work on gPXE is continuing,
it is such a useful tool.

I'm running into an issue trying to use the .iso download in VirtualBox,
3.2.10 (Oracle version). It starts to load, shows Isolinux 3.82 and
hangs with:
Loading ipxe.krn . . . . . ready.

I tried Googling around, but am not really finding any resolution.

(I'd previously used gPXE with VirtualBox, and gPXE 0.9.7 (obtained from
Rom-o-matic) still seems to work in VirtualBox, but newer versions

Is there a way to get iPXE working in VirtualBox? It is so handy to be
able to use VirtualBox to test with, it would be great if this could
work again. 

Thank you,

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