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Tue Nov 9 14:20:48 UTC 2010

 On Tue 09/11/10 2:05 PM , Shao Miller Shao.Miller at yrdsb.edu.on.ca
   The #MPCPathBoot# prefix is a special path within the bootserver
as far as I am aware - sort of a virtual root I guess. It is a legal
file name on Windows and *NIX (though not a name I would use...) 
 In my reading of this then, I should be asking HP to get this
addressed in the gPXE source code as it's not a bug in the TFTP
server, though I may be wise asking for an enhancement for that too
to use more "friendly" path names...? 
 Many thanks for your assistance so far!
 Yes. HP might already have a new firmware image available for you to
try, but I already see in the most recent source code that it's an
issue, so I doubt it will resolve this. It's worth approaching HP
about, who will most likely then approach QLogic.
 There were a few other changes to the Phantom driver (your NIC's
driver) that Michael Brown has worked on, so the next time QLogic or
HP provide a firmware image, you might find that it has iPXE
 In the meanwhile, if anyone comes up with a change to the source
code which resolves your issue, I'm not sure how you could flash it
into the NIC, or if that'd void any warranty you might have, since it
didn't come from HP. However, if we can resolve your issue, you could
build a CD or USB stick or even a floppy disk and change the boot
order on the HP computer so that it boots such a device, rather than
the NIC. The device would then boot a version of iPXE/gPXE which
could work for you. I only suggest that as an interim measure until
HP could provide an update.
 I hope this information is useful.
 - Shao Miller
	This has been really helpful, thanks Shao. I will talk to our HP
contacts and see how we get on. 

	Best regards, Carl 
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