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Shao Miller Shao.Miller at yrdsb.edu.on.ca
Mon Nov 8 18:09:35 UTC 2010

  carlyoung at keycomm.co.uk wrote:
> Hi all.
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> I am trying to find more information about the xPXE client in the HP 
> DL580 G7, which I believe has an embedded QLogic NC375i quad-NIC .

I know this NIC. :)  It's the (previously NetXen) QLogic "Phantom" NIC.

> This has apparently been shipped with a "gPXE" client and I am having 
> some interoperability problems with a PXE boot server in that the 
> client sends a boot request with an empty boot filename despite the 
> DHCP ack containing a filename (for TFTP access).

Can you capture the DHCP transaction with Wireshark or 'tcpdump' and 
filter it for DHCP and share the resulting packets as an e-mail 
attachment?  I don't quite understand what you mean by the client 
sending an empty boot filename.  Do you mean it makes a TFTP request 
with an empty filename?  If so, do you have a Control-B CLI?  If so, can 
you please try:

  dhcp net0
  show filename

and report whether or not you got a filename from the DHCP service?

> ... ... ...

This NIC probably has an older version of gPXE on it, so we should keep 
that in mind.

Hmmm...  Here's a re-send.  I somehow messed up the iPXE mailing-list in 
the carbon-copy list.

- Shao Miller

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