[ipxe-devel] nomenclature to use...

carlyoung at keycomm.co.uk carlyoung at keycomm.co.uk
Mon Nov 8 17:37:08 UTC 2010

Hi all.

Sorry for the extremely newbie question, but when posting to this site are iPXE and gPXE interchangeable as regards the PXE extensions or are the two projects diverged now.

I am trying to find more information about the xPXE client in the HP DL580 G7, which I believe has an embedded QLogic NC375i quad-NIC . This has apparently been shipped with a "gPXE" client and I am having some interoperability problems with a PXE boot server in that the client sends a boot request with an empty boot filename despite the DHCP ack containing a filename (for TFTP access).

Any pointers would be appreciated.



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