[ipxe-devel] iPXE without DHCP 66/67 Settings

Albert Hernandez Albert.Hernandez at stjoe.org
Mon Dec 20 19:43:57 UTC 2010

We are not in control of our DHCP servers and we want to use iPXE to push out software distributions to our servers.  We want to create a single bootable ISO so we can use to deploy the image to the systems.

I have been able to press CTRL-B and been able to set the minimum variable FILENAME and NEXT-SERVER then issue the AUTBOOT command and the imaging process begins.  Although this is acceptable in a lab configuration, it is not for a production environment.

Also we have to have a list of NEXT-SERVERS and have the boot process try each one until the list is exhausted.  Once the list is exhausted then fail.  This list is would be sequentially process and if the connection returns any error, then skip that server and proceed to the next.

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