[ipxe-devel] iPXE on multiple chips with the same PCI ID

Аладышев Константин aladyshev at nicevt.ru
Wed Dec 28 14:24:31 GMT 2016

I have a board with multiple external PCIe Ethernet I350 chips.

In my lspci I have:
03.00.0 (4-port I350)
04.00.0 (4-port I350)
05.00.0 (2-port I350)

I builtin iPXE image to coreboot and I have all of these devices in Seabios
But the problem is that I can only boot from ports of the first appeared
chip. In the example above it will be 03.00.x boot devices. If I'll
physically unplug 03.00.x chip, I'll be able to boot from 04.00.x boot
devices. And if I'll unplug 03.00.x and 04.00.x chip, I'll be able to boot
from 05.00.x boot devices.

Is there any such limitation in iPXE, does someone had the same problem and
is there any idea of how to solve it? 

Coreboot+SeaBIOS log is in attachment (it has some additional printk's)

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