[ipxe-devel] feature request/proposal

Ben Hildred 42656e at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 23:36:05 BST 2014

I would like to add a dummy feature to ipxe called BIOS_SERIAL_CONSOLE.
This would not be compiled in by default, and would introduce no
functionality to ipxe, only add another flag to the dhcp options in a dhcp

The rationale of this is that when we have a collection of various machines
that we want to have serial consoles during the ipxe stage of boot
(probably other times as well) and some of the machines have serial console
redirection that affects ipxe and some do not, and we wish to introduce
features into the running ipxe by chain-loading another version of ipxe
from ipxe either for new versions with new features or to get around small
roms by using a stripped down ipxe on rom and later loading a full version
over the network that those machines which already have serial consoles
would be equipped with a copy of ipxe with this flag to signal the dhcp
server to return a filename pointing to a ipxe version with/without serial
support as needed.

Proposed User Interface: I propose that a compile time define be
established in a config file (probably general.h or serial.h) which would
be evaluated for definedness and value with the value being any value which
can be stored in a single byte. If this is not defined (default) there
would be no change in behavior. If it is defined it would add a sub-option
to dhcp code 175 having a length of one and the value defined.

I am prepared to write the code to do this, but would like
review/endorsement from the developers and assignment of the sub-option
code number. (I believe the next available is 42 but my checks have been

Thank you for your consideration and feedback.

Ben Hildred
Automation Support Services
303 815 6721
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