[ipxe-devel] Howto evaluate needed WinPE-Files?

Oliver Rath rath at mglug.de
Tue Apr 22 16:02:22 BST 2014

Hi Ian,

Am 22.04.2014 16:55, schrieb Ian Bannerman:
> Hi Oliver,
> I'm not 100% sure what's up from that screenshot, but we can try some
> things to narrow it down. Can you try using bootmgr.exe directly
> instead of bootmgr? Bootmgr.exe can be found inside the Windows PE WIM
> at Windows\Boot\PXE\bootmgr.exe, and you can just replace where you
> pull down bootmgr with bootmgr.exe in your iPXE script. Perhaps
> wimboot is having trouble expanding it from inside of bootmgr.

I will try this and inform you asap.

> Otherwise, to confirm, you never see the blue Windows logo, correct?

Yes, exactly.


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