[ipxe-devel] http-proxy support

Eric Litak elitak at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 02:59:48 BST 2012

I have a need for booting through an HTTP proxy on one of my networks,
so I've added the "http-proxy" setting and modified the behavior of
httpcore. The patch is attached. Is there a better way to submit this
change for review?

Some issues that may need to be addressed within these changes:
* are these additions in the correct files?
* have I missed any #includes?
* maybe there should be some DBG calls in various places to help troubleshoot
* should the setting 'http-proxy' just be 'proxy'?
* httpcore:: and proxy::proxied_uri_host/port() are tightly coupled
with the use of HTTP proxies. There's bound to be a better way to
abstract the use of a proxy, with future SOCKS support in mind. I
didn't do this yet because it involves more changes to existing code
and I do not yet have need for any other proxy protocols.

I've tested the setting briefly, and it seems to work as I intended it.
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