[ipxe-devel] Question about login option

Jim Antoniou jantoniou at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 07:59:23 BST 2012

I've downloaded the latest code - as of today, anyway - and am struggling
mightily with using the "login" command.

I've used it successfully before on slightly older code when COM32 was
still supported.  Now I want to use the (really cool and awesome, by the
way!) new menu code embedded in iPXE.  In fact, I am using it but I want to
require a login first.

Problem is I can't get it to work any more.

I do something like the following in the little PHP ditties I've worked up:

chain http://${username:uristring}:${password:uristring}@". HOSTNAME

And that code is accessed in an embedded ipxe script when the binaries are

When I login with the username and password it just cycles through back to
the login menu.

I have worked this about 20 different ways trying to figure out if I blew
it on the code that processes the input data but can't find anything buggy;
it looks something like this:


... the authenticate function obviously runs against the database.

This is exactly the same code that I used with the older version of iPXE.
 When I watch the query against the database the "username" shows up only
as "0" which seems like a returned result code rather than the value from
the field I enter into the login menu.

I can still use the old compiled iPXE against the same code base on the
same web server (trying to rule out that it's not the server itself or the
way PHP is setup), though a very slightly different function - i.e., a
function that goes into the new menu code not the old COM32 vesamenu if it
passes authentication, but logically it's identical.

I've dumped the tcp stream on the web server and don't see any indication
that the username is showing up in it after I hit enter.  With the old iPXE
binary, I see the username show up in the tcp dump.

Ideas on how I might troubleshoot this more?  I am grasping at straws right

And thanks to everyone for creating a truly great tool - iPXE is awesome!
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