[ipxe-devel] Is it possible to alter the tcp window size in ipxe for an http download?

Michael Brown mbrown at fensystems.co.uk
Fri Aug 3 02:32:03 BST 2012

On Thursday 02 Aug 2012 23:06:55 Hoey, Matthew wrote:
> Here is an example script that we run. Very simple, but we have problems
> over high latency lines (160ms). The window didn't seem to get larger than
> 5192. It takes about 7 mins to download a 15MB file where as after I
> install CentOS and use wget it downloads in 1.5 secs. Is there a way to
> tell ipxe to scale the window size?

Use a version of iPXE more recent than July 8 2012.  Several TCP performance 
improvements went in recently, and iPXE now uses a default window size of 
256kB rather than 8kB.


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