[ipxe-devel] TFTP prefix configuration and pxelinux

Robin Smidsrød robin at smidsrod.no
Tue May 24 11:17:56 BST 2011

On 2011-05-24 11:45, Yann Genevois wrote:
> I have successfully load the pxelinux.0 file but when PXE starts i can read this:
> TFTP prefix: http://${next-server}/cm/engine/boot_ipxe.php?FILENAME=xxxxx
> That's why i can't boot from a classical PXE process... so this is my question, is there a way to change the TFTP prefix using iPXE? Even when i used the command "chain tftp://.../pxelinux.0", the TFTP prefix refers to the original script path.
> In my PHP script i have something like this:  
> echo "#!ipxe\n";
> echo "set user-class rawpxe\n";
> echo "chain tftp://\${next-server}/PXEClient/pxelinux.0\n";
> Any ideas? AM i missing something? 

You can use a script similar to the one I have shown in this gist,
https://gist.github.com/911561, to set the pxelinux prefix and config
location explicitely in the script.

Be aware though, that it seems like there is no way to modify the prefix
and config location at a later stage in the PXELinux process (to e.g.
forward the user to another pxelinux server with a specific
configuration from a PXELinux menu entry). But if you're using a
monolithic PXELinux menu it shouldn't give you any problems.

If someone knows a way to do what I want, please do tell me!

-- Robin

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