[ipxe-devel] iPXE DHCP failure

Michael Cirineo jeriryan87 at gmail.com
Wed May 18 15:19:22 BST 2011


Thanks for the reply. I'll try those options. 

I'm also trying to understand dhcp.h, and I am not very familiar with C.  I'm not sure how to make it so that iPXE uses #define BOOTP_FL_BROADCAST 0x8000 in dhcp.h.

So how can I ensure that iPXE uses #define BOOTP_FL_BROADCAST 0x8000 when doing DHCP?  I'm experimenting with a broadcast response instead of unicast, that's how my other PXE clients are set up.


On May 18, 2011, at 4:57 AM, Michael Brown <mbrown at fensystems.co.uk> wrote:

> On Monday 16 May 2011 17:13:53 Michael Cirineo wrote:
>> I'm able to get my iPXE client to complete a DHCP request and boot when it
>> is connected directly to my DHCP/boot server.  It's only when I put the
>> network between them that the DHCP exchange fails.  Wireshark tells me
>> everyone receives everything, but since the client sends out a second
>> DHCPREQUEST before the first DHCPOFFER reaches it, I'm thinking that the
>> DHCPREQUEST is timing out and resending, and invalidating any OFFERs that
>> come based on that first packet.  Is that possible?  Is there any way to
>> change the timeout time for a DHCPREQUEST?
> I think iPXE should accept a DHCPOFFER that comes even after it times out and 
> retransmits a DHCPDISCOVER.
> You can use the "ifstat" command (http://ipxe.org/cmd/ifstat) to see how many 
> packets iPXE thinks it has received, and what errors (if any) it encountered 
> in trying to process them.
> You can also use the "seconds elapsed" field in the DHCP packets transmitted by 
> iPXE to see some metadata regarding the internal state of the DHCP client - 
> see the DHCP "timed out" error page at http://ipxe.org/4c106035 for details.
> You can also build iPXE with DEBUG=dhcp to enable DHCP debugging.
> Any of those may help.
> Michael

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