[ipxe-devel] question on iSCSI boots

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Wed May 11 04:50:23 BST 2011

Hi folks

   Other question has to do with iSCSI boots.  I have a number of 
operational iSCSI servers.  Targets are alive and visible.  I can attach 
to them.

   What I can't do is seem to convince ipxe to attach to them.  sanhook 
and sanboot fail.  I get some log indications that things were starting 
to go when it bailed.

   From my logs (using scst and iscsi-scst)

May 10 23:13:09 crunch-r kernel: [682005.115635] iscsi-scst: Negotiated 
parameters: InitialR2T Yes, ImmediateData No, Ma
xConnections 1, MaxRecvDataSegmentLength 1048576, 
MaxXmitDataSegmentLength 8192,
May 10 23:13:09 crunch-r kernel: [682005.115644] iscsi-scst: 
MaxBurstLength 262144, FirstBurstLength 65536, DefaultT
ime2Wait 0, DefaultTime2Retain 0,
May 10 23:13:09 crunch-r kernel: [682005.115650] iscsi-scst: 
MaxOutstandingR2T 1, DataPDUInOrder Yes, DataSequenceIn
Order Yes, ErrorRecoveryLevel 0,
May 10 23:13:09 crunch-r kernel: [682005.115657] iscsi-scst: 
HeaderDigest None, DataDigest None, OFMarker No, IFMark
er No, OFMarkInt 2048, IFMarkInt 2048
May 10 23:13:09 crunch-r kernel: [682005.115665] iscsi-scst: Target 
parameters set for session 1176e23270040: QueuedComm
ands 32, Response timeout 30, Nop-In interval 30
May 10 23:13:10 crunch-r kernel: [682005.353412] iscsi-scst: 
***ERROR***: Connection with initiator iqn.2010-04.org.ipxe
:36168950-879f-4d56-8263-6bf5b4c63c11 unexpectedly closed!

Not sure what the error is about, other than the initiator closing.

Any hints as to how/where to debug?  I'd really like to set up the iso 
booting at some point.


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